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Who Is Hanuman ?


Wish Fulfilling Image of Hanuman by Jai Uttal

   "At the end of the Ramayana, when the demon king Ravana has been defeated, his soul instantly merges with Ram and he becomes One with Ram. So it's really not a bad way to go. Everyone is rejoicing and Ram and Sita go back to the kingdom of Ayodhya, and Ram has his coronation ceremony to become king. His fourteen years of exile in the forest are over and it's basically like a, 'happily ever after' kind of thing. Sita looks at Hanuman and says, "The debt that I owe you can never be repaid. It's impossible to give back to you anything close to what you've given me." As a token of her love Sita, the Divine Mother, takes off the pearl necklace that she is wearing and puts it around Hanuman's neck.
   Hanuman retires to the side a little ways away and starts looking at the pearl necklace. He begins to nibble and chew on the pearl beads and spit them out on the ground. You see, Hanuman is still a monkey and his behavior is, well, monkey-like. He's looking at the beads and just treating the gift as what might seem disrespectful. One of the guys from the royal court says, "Hanuman, what are you doing? The Divine Mother gives you this necklace and you're just chewing on the beads and spitting them out. What's up?" Hanuman looks at what's left of the necklace and says, "All I care about are Ram and Sita. The only thing that has any importance to me is that which has Ram and Sita in it, and I don't see them in this necklace." The guy from the court says, "You ignorant, ignorant monkey. You might as well just tear your own body apart because you don't have Ram and Sita in you." In response Hanuman takes his big strong claws and digs them into his furry chest and rips his skin wide open. Blood is pouring down and there enshrined on a seat in his heart are images of Ram and Sita.
   All over India you can see pictures and statues of Hanuman ripping his chest open to show Ram and Sita enshrined in his heart. It is considered the wish-fulfilling image of Hanuman. People pray to this representation of Hanuman to realize their heart's deepest desires."

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