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What Is Organic Cotton ?

Organic Cotton  Since at least 25% of the world's most harmful pesticides are used to grow cotton, by cleaning up this one industry we can take a big step toward living in harmony with this beautiful planet, which sustains us all. In an age where it appears that corporations are in the driver's seat, it is empowering to remember that the choices we make as buyers dictate what is produced. Love Mother Earth, choose Organic Cotton.

 A note to conscious buyers; Many of us set out to make a purchase with the best of intentions but are misled by today's terminology. A fabric made from Natural Fiber simply means that it uses plants, animal, and mineral sources, without the addition of any synthetics. The label Natural Fiber does not preclude the use of pesticides or other harmful processing chemicals.

Bhakti Ware's Organic Cotton Clothing:
Women's Organic YabYum Yoga Clothing
Women's Organic Tie-Dye Yoga Clothing
Men's Astral Hanuman T-Shirt

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